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Get going in a few simple steps:

  1. Make a donation - $20 is the suggested donation, but you could donate more, or nothing at all. Use the QR code or Donate button below.

  2. Join the Facebook Messenger Group "Save the Squad Challenge",

  3. Say Hello and tell us what Challenge you are taking on: 5K,10K, or 32K.

  4. Then update the group when you Run, Bike, Roll or Walk any distance. Walking your dog counts, as does riding your Peloton, or walking on a treadmill. This is an on-your-honor challenge, so you don't need to prove anything. You can send a message directly to the group by messaging @SavetheSquadFitnessChallenge. Send us picture of your activity, things you saw along the way or places your went.Show off a little!

  5. Get your family and friends to donate. You can use the PayPal QR code  the PayPal button below. Every little bit helps. We will post Stats to the group once a week. Compete with your friends or  just do it for yourself. Most of all, Have Fun!

  6. Thanks for participating! 

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