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The Plan

Candor Forward is a program of the Candor, NY Chamber of Commerce. 

Our mission is to improve the livability of Candor for its residents, to create a thriving Main Street, and create a comfortable small town destination that attracts tourists and young families, and to support our ample local creativity and entrepreneurship. In doing so, we will grow business and attract investment in our community.


 To do this we need a comprehensive plan for action. Working together as a community to build the future for our kids and our neighbors is key.  Building an Arts, Music, Maker, Entrepreneur and Food Community are a good start. People like to live in places that have comfortable amenities.

 Candor has a rich history and abundant natural and agricultural resources. It's a beautiful, smart, friendly place to be.


 What would you like to see in Candor?  Great Ideas have been bouncing around. Some would like to see a Co-op  Food Store or a Bakery Cooperative where local bakers with access to a commercial kitchen operate a store front to sell their goods. A combination General Store/ Coffee shop was one idea and my favorite is all that along with a local brew pub/ restuarant with studio space for artists and maker space for entrepreneurs and makers.

How do we get there?

  • Planning, research and Investment 

  • Grants – What’s available to help fund this process?

  • Strong Community involvement. Work with local skilled craftspeople, schools and organizations to train our residents to help rebuild and improve our community.

  • What are our major problems – we don’t have very many, but what are they? How are we going to tackle them? Let’s engage the community at every level of planning and execution.




How do we want to be known?
What do we want to be known for?
What is Candor to you?
What's already great? 
These are some of our favorites:
  • Fourth of July Parade and Fire Works
  • Candor Daffodil Festival
  • Natural Beauty
  • Beautiful Architecture
  • Unique Businesses​​


Candor Forward Meeting 1/21/2020

Meeting Notes

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