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Business Development

Creating a thriving business environment requires understanding the needs of a community. Creating spaces that are comfortable, friendly and that provide for the needs of a community foster strong business relationships. We have been working for three years to to understand the needs and wants of our small town.
Previously the community wanted the following:
  •  a walkable town - Sidewalks along along 96B etc.
  • Comfortable night lighting
  • Weekly events (Music, Art, Farmers Market)
  • Tree lined Streets
  • A strong Arts and Music Community
  • A community center - either a business or  community shared space
  • Places for kids to go
  • Maker space
  • Community Commercial Kitchen
  • Food store - Candor recently became a food desert 
  • Things to do for younger adults
  • Transportation - Super important now that we are a food desert
Continued community engagement, research into what has been done in other places along with wildly creative thinking are key to making great things happen.
Many of the above needs can be accomplished with little or no money and can be lots of fun. We live in a rich community in terms of talent, skills, and creativity. A bulldozer, some mulch and a chain saw combined with vision and hard work can transform a brush field into a park. We just have to get together, make some plans and get things done. It's up to us.  If you have ideas, please get involved. All are welcome, and we usually have some awesome home baked cookies made from scratch. The suggestion to include chardonnay has been noted. Let us know what you think.
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